I IMAGINE YOU – understanding through images

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Understanding through images how my pupils see me and how they see each other.

This activity is suitable for all ages. Obviously, the method of proposal will vary, the expression skills and quality of subsequent references to the shared experience.

This activity is very useful in helping us understand how each of us sees and interprets the world

external in a different way. It works a bit like an object observed from multiple perspectives. Our

way of moving, speaking, listening is read in a way different from those who observe us.

Through a creative and fun game it is possible to tell, tell and above all discover how others see us.



You need to get FANTASY cards like the example above. The cards then go placed in no particular order on the desk of the class. One person from the class group is identified and each member of the class is asked to choose one paper that can somehow describe the person identified. The latter will also have to choose a card to describe himself. We position ourselves in a circle and each member of the group, in random order, must:

Show the group the card they have chosen

Explain in a few words the reason for his choice.

At the end of the tour, thanks to the person identified for putting himself in the game and listening to companions and reposition the papers on the desk to restart the activity with a new person.


-It is not allowed to comment, ask for explanations or argue the different opinions given during the game.
-It is important to give a definite time to choose the card.
-It is advisable to use an instrumental and slow background music when choosing the card.