Try to Imagine

Where you could arrive with the right knowledge…
Most Organizations highlight having it, but nobody is able to give it to you precisely and quickly when needed.
Discover how a professional organization can support you in making your International Sector accomplish that crucial and qualitative leap that you have been always waiting for!

Dear Project Manager,

We know how difficult it is for you to find funds and resources

Indeed, it can be very hard to succeed in organizing quality activities and in writing successful projects without the right knowledge.
The European Union offers great opportunities in every field, but it is not always easy to find them and benefit from them.
You are probably afraid that, despite all the time you invest in looking for European funds, you will not have financial sustainability; you do not have time to write European projects (or maybe you do not feel capable of it); you are worried that in case all your projects were approved, you would not manage to coordinate them properly; you have doubts regarding where to look for new funding opportunities, or you do not have enough time to do this research; and, if you have already been involved in an EU project in the past, you may have found unreliable partners, losing a lot of time, or you may have taken part in low-quality projects without any real impact on Society.


    Many say that working in the field of the European Projects is not worth it because of the difficulty in building a financially sustainable system


    According to our experience, many organizations working in this field are not well structured and lack of professionalism. They do not respond to e-mails, they usually pay little attention to the selection of participants or to the creation of contents, and they are not specialized in one specific topic but adhere to any type of project only to obtain grants without guaranteeing high quality or social impact


    There are lots of of European funding opportunities, but it can be quite difficult to understand from where to start, especially without the right support

L’ORMAinternational believes 

it is possible

  • To work in the field of the European Projects in an organized, simple, and effective way;
  • To build a solid partnership that can allow you to start working with European Projects without wasting time and resources;
  • To create a structured, sustainable, and lasting International Sector dedicated to European projects, which could bring many opportunities of growth, expansion, and development to your organization

I want to know how you can support my organization


L’ORMAinternational is the international Sector of L’ORMA, a professional educational agency working in the field of Sport, Education, and Social Entrepreneurship since 2000.

We are an established non-profit organization present nationwide for 18 years. Every year, we provide hundreds of educational activities, involving 400 teachers, 60 schools, and almost 6,000 children and families.

Although we operate mainly in the nonprofit world, this is our job. We also work with dozens of institutions, schools, and private companies providing them educational services.

Over the last 8 years, we have specialized in the designing, writing, and implementation of European projects, always focusing on “our” topics, such as Sport, Education, and Social Entrepreneurship, and we have developed and structured a system to do our work properly and effectively.

 So, we are now ready and willing to share our knowledge with other organizations. Are you in?

our work in numbers

every year

New Erasmus Plus Projects
International Training Opportunities
New project proposals submitted
Successful rate of EU Projects for our member organizations

Now stop for a moment and answer the following questions



Who can you count on when you have to make decisions related to your European projects?



Who helps you preparing and designing a valid European project proposal?



How many partner organizations can you really trust and count on?



How can you create a network of contacts always ready to support you when needed, without expecting anything in return from you?

I want to know how you can support my organization