Yoga and dance to #MoveAtHome

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In this project we aim to promote European traditional sports&games by using yoga and dance.

Covid-19 quarantine days take us to old days which we spend more time at home as a family all together. During our childhood, there is no social networking sites and every family can communicate with each other very well and create many different activities to spend time in the evening. Games were played at home during our childhood and helped us to be active at home.

Since these activities do not require specific equipments and the activities take most of people’s attention, it will give more chance to families and their kids to do exercise at home especially in winter times or when they do not have a chance to go to a sport clubs or participate in school and family sport activities.

With Move at home project We activate adults, old and young people along with kids, so nobody is excluded.

Our target group is families because family is the smallest part of the society. As families may influence each other in the project, they can create a big effect on the project topic like ‘’quantum theory’’ which is catching a big energy growing out of the smallest unit.

We include the combination of yoga, dance, and traditional games which address both kids and adults.

Games are traditional ones as they do not require special equipment and adults can enjoy teaching and doing them with their kids. Also, if there is any grandparen living with the family, this may also take his/her attention to do family activities together.



Yoga will provide flexibility, balance, resilience and strength.

Dance will provide moderate- intensity physical activity which both adults and kids can perform easily. Also, it does not require some specific movements and brings fun for all.