3rd Meeting MultiSport Experience project – Arad (Romania)

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We have spent two working days in Arad (our second and last stop in Romania), to participate in the third mid-term meeting of the Erasmus+ Sport Small Collaborative project “The Multisport Culture for Youth Empowerment”, with a total duration of 18-month. On behalf of our organization we have sent our president Paolo Menescardi who was accompanied by Jesús Ignacio de la Fuente, Daniele Bettini  and David Bañuls in a project in which L’Orma participates together with ACD LA HOYA (Spain), Clubul Sportiv Experienta, Multisport (Romania) and Hodina H (Czech Republic). 

Thus, the project aims to promote a MULTISPORT APPROACH to youth physical literacy, based on the promotion of a precise cultural matrix articulated around three key concepts: to develop the ability and motivation of children to capitalize on their sport potential, not only to move in a more efficient way, but also creative; to competent with enthusiasm and with emotional and social intelligence, and to conceive quality sport towards children as sport delivered with a focus on the optimal holistic development of each individual to make a significant contribution to their quality of life.

Once we summarize the project mission and goals, we have had time to review what he have done so far, including the co-design of the research and collection of practices in multisport, the design of manual / ebook first version of this collection, and the effort on dissemination and media (Facebook, website…). We also shared how each organization has done to implement and test the innovative methodologies in their local context, wich helps us to have an idea of the impact of what we are creating, as well as an important feedback to improve the project materials in a collective way. And last but not least, we could talk and discuss about the deadlines for the upcoming activities, and distribute and coordinate the next  deliverables. 

Apart from the work schedule, the hosting organization invited us to join a energizing and stimulating “Laser Game” followed by a tour through the Arad Water tower. 


Stay tuned for next project steps and see you in Czech Republic!


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