The SAYN Project’s Impactful Visit to Jordan

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Reflecting on Our journey in Jordan…

As we unpack from our recent trip to Jordan, part of the ongoing Erasmus+ SAYN Project, aimed at empowering NEET youth, the experiences and insights gained are still fresh in our minds. Our days were filled with engaging activities, cultural exchanges, and learning moments that are set to enhance our initiatives back home.

Our journey started with the warmth welcoming and an introductory session at the Wild Jordan Center in Amman, where we discussed our project’s framework and goals. The dialogues were enriched with perspectives from various European and Middle Eastern partners, fostering a shared understanding and solidarity  among us.

A significant highlight was our series of workshops. These weren’t just typical sit-down events; they included unique engaging activities and proved to be a dynamic way to explore trust and team cohesion—elements crucial to our work with NEET youth.

We also had the chance to immerse ourselves in Jordan’s rich history and landscapes. From walking tours in Petra to the unforgettable nights spent under the stars in Wadi Rum, each moment allowed us to connect more deeply with each other and the vibrant local culture.

As we moved through the days, our discussions dove deeper into the methodologies of non-formal education. We strategized on integrating these approaches more effectively into our programs to ensure that young people not only gain skills but also the confidence to navigate life’s challenges.

Our final day of workshops in Amman revolved around sports and team building, highlighting the project’s focus on using physical activities as a tool for personal and social development. The practical activities weren’t just fun; they were a practical demonstration of our learning in action—teamwork, strategy, and resilience.

As we reflect on our journey, we are excited about the next steps. The insights gained from the interactions and the shared experiences are already sparking ideas for new initiatives. More than ever, we are driven to implement what we’ve learned into practice and keep working to support NEET youth in achieving a more complete integration into the society.

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