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The consortium of the Handball International Education Project (HIEP) celebrates the recent successes of 2 esteemed partner organizations, who are collaborating for an innovative and ambitious project. Federazione Italiana Giuoco Handball (FIGH) and Olympiacos S.F.P. made historic achievements in the the handball sport this year and these achievements demonstrate their supremacy and dedication for excellence in European Handball.

Federazione Italiana Giuoco Handball (FIGH), made a remarkable comeback by qualifying for the IHF Men’s World Championship 2025. After a 28-year long absense from this pretigious event, FIGH went on a formidable winning run overcoming opponents such as Turkey, Belgium, and Montenegro, in a series of intense qualification matches. The team’s resilient mentality and unique playing style, led by key players such as Andrea Parisini and Umberto Bronzo, created the winning formula for the Italians as they secured their place for the 2025 competition.

Likewise, Olympiacos S.F.P. in handball club competitions had an incredible 2023/24 season as they reached the EHF European Final. Although they faced dramatic penalty shoot-out defeat, their performance throughout the tournament was outstanding. The Greek club put on an entertaining display as key players like Savvas Savvas finished as the top scorer in the EHF European Cup Men with 81 goals. This amazing feat demonstrated their high-quality play and determination.

Building on these successes from 2 of our partners from the project consortium of HIEP, we continue to work on improving the training and development of handball coaches across Europe, with the ultimate goal of increasing youth participation and enhancing the overall quality of the sport. On that regards, we bring an important update of the project to interested stakeholders: The HIEP project reaches a significant milestone in the upcoming international training course aimed at handball coaches, scheduled at the end of June in Chieti, Italy. The training introduces coaches, trainers, and physical education teachers to the newly developed manual, which gives a unified training approach at the European level, equipping and empowering the target group with the modern best practices and techniques.

More about the project:

The Handball International Education Project (HIEP) is an Erasmus+ project co-funded by the European Union, designed to address key priorities in sport education, specifically in the sport of handball.

  • HIEP aims to promote handball as a tool to engage children and young people to foster a more inclusive and diverse sporting environment.
  • The project will create digital educational tools, including an e-learning platform and comprehensive coaching manual, to enhance the digital readiness and capacity of coaches.

The HIEP project is an excellent opportunity for individuals and organizations passionate about handball and sports education to get involved. We invite coaches, trainers, educators, and sport enthusiasts to learn more about the project and participate in future activities. Your engagement will help promote the sport and enhance the quality of coaching across Europe. For more information and updates regarding the project, follow our website –

Contact person of the project – Panos Papageorgiou, Project Manager,