European Youth & Sport Platform 2023: The Importance of Global Connections in Sports Development

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In today’s interconnected world, the significance of connecting individuals from diverse backgrounds to discuss the development of sports cannot be overstated. By fostering global conversations about various aspects such as digitalization in sport, gamification, mental health, and more, we can unlock tremendous potential for growth, innovation, and inclusivity.

The European Youth & Sport Platform 2023 was a special occasion to connect offline with inspiring people from all over Europe and Worldwide.

Four days, three high-level seminars, nine workshops, about 100 people…

Young leaders from around Europe convened in Stockholm, Sweden, from June 1–4, 2023, for the first-ever European Youth & Sport Platform.

The event was organised by ENGSO Youth in cooperation with ENGSO and The Swedish Sports Confederation, under the Swedish Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

Sharing ideas and positive inputs

L’Orma International was there to be part of developing the recommendations discussed and agreed upon during the parallel sessions. The three main topics were the following:

  • Digitalisation and Sport
  • Sustainability in Sport
  • Good Governance: Youth in Action

Indeed, European youth and representatives from the European Commission, European Youth Foundation, European Youth Forum, European eSports Federation, European Hockey Federation, IOC Young Leaders program, Youth Health Organization, Ministry of Social Affairs Sweden, and Swedish Sports Confederation began a dialogue through the European Youth & Sport Platform 2023.

By breaking down geographical, cultural, and social barriers, we can harness the collective power of diverse perspectives to drive positive change. Together, let us forge a united front in championing the advancement of sports, creating a brighter and more inclusive future for athletes and enthusiasts worldwide.


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