The Art of Communication

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“The art of communication is the language of leadership” – James C. Humes

In today’s modern world, the business landscape is an ever-changing one with new initiatives, strategies, and skills. However, most importantly, the ability to communicate effectively with another individual or organization has been and will always remain a crucial tool for growth and success. In that sense, this article is dedicated to inspire and empower entrepreneurs on the power of Public Speaking and Para-Verbal Communication, turning every spoken word into a personal step to success and impact.

Public Speaking was once a skill only desired for high-profile individuals, such as ‘presenting speakers’, ‘industry leaders’ or ‘famous celebrities’. Yet, in today’s interconnected world, the ability of public speaking is a crucial tool for every entrepreneur. Whether pitching an idea to potential investors, leading a team meeting, or delivering a proposition at a conference, effective public speaking can strengthen presence, engage audience, and convey the message with clarity and impact. However, it’s not just about the spoken words; it’s about how those words are presented. And this is where the idea of Para-Verbal Communication comes into play. So, what is Para-Verbal Communication?

Para-Verbal Communication is the impression we convey by the tone, pitch, and rhythm of our spoken speech. Put more simply, it’s not just about the words that are said; it’s also about the portrayal and presentation of those words. For example, imagine that you are in a meeting where the topic of a project deadline is being discussed. You ask one of the members if the team can meet it. “Sure, we can do that,” is the response, in a flat-tone with some sign and reluctance. The words say “Yes,” but the message conveyed is hesitation and uncertainty. This is Para-Verbal Communication.

Public Speaking and Para-Verbal Communication are an interconnected concept, each increase the other’s effectiveness. Together, they make a combination that can boost your leadership and influence. It is important for today’s entreprenuers to develop and master both these skills as this can take them a long way forward in the business industry. Here are some key aspects to remember:

  • Confidence and Presence: Set the tone of the message with a steady and impactful voice, that communicates your presence.
  • Clarity: Ensure that the audience can follow your speech with ease, This is key to maintain attention and interest from the audience.
  • Engagement: Interact with your audience, be it a one-to-one conversation, a business meeting or a speech in front of 50 people. It is important to maintain engagement with the audience to keep it interesting as well as effective.
  • Most important of all, relax and be yourself. Not everything needs to be over-complicated and sometimes the simplest way is the best way.

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