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SPORTin – Sport for social inclusion

Erasmus+ Sport – Small Collaborative Partnership

Over the last couple of months together with our partner organizations Birzai Track and Field Athletics Sport Club (Lithuania), Cebeci Secondary School (Turkey), Association Institute of New Technologies (Poland) and Youth and Holiday Centre Vasatokka (Finland), we have been working on having a positive effect on our local communities and encouraging social inclusion and equal opportunities by holding various events and using the power of sport and non-formal education.

On May 4th L’Orma organized a training day for the coaches to share the best methodologies in the field of social inclusion through sport and to exchange ideas. Many of these coaches also carry out summer camp activities, so it was great to see their enthusiastic approaches and willingness to learn new methods and games that can entertain kids. We are very proud of having a great staff and lots of energetic and devoted trainers and volunteers.

The other event that took place within the SPORTin project was our local Youth Sport Day in July. Around 50 kids were lucky enough to escape from the summer heat in Milan and participated in our Youth Sport Day held in the beautiful spot Prato Nevoso in the mountains. The kids were encouraged to play, interact with each other and to develop their social and soft skills in a fun and entertaining way.

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