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Working in a team
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From our experience as teachers in schools of all levels, we have been able to see that the higher the level of school, the more the sharing of common goals, shared rules, cross-use methodologies is lost, creating a great disparity in teaching and responses from students adapted and modulated to the individual teacher.

The activity we propose today aims to make students get the message that teachers are all part of a single group, which regardless of the subject they teach, tend towards the same goal.

While it is true that it is sometimes not always easy to reach an agreement with our colleagues, it is also true that it takes very little to start breathing a shared methodological line.

The proposal we make to you is to identify a ‘GOOD MORNING’ mode.
Every morning before entering the classroom, or at the entrance of each teacher in the classroom, try to maintain a way of greeting constantly over time and shared by everyone.

Those of you who sat in the school benches before the 1990s will remember very well that it was not well-seen to stand up in terms of respect. The principle is similar, but the concept of respect is broadened and addressed to the teacher, classmates and the 10-year-old student, giving everyone the opportunity to mentally prepare for the lesson that is beginning. It’s a strong tool to get the student to ‘here and now’.

Moreover, if the moment of openness becomes common to each teacher, the child identifies the school context as a single reality.

Because of the wide variety of educational styles that revolve around the educational world, it is in fact of great help for the pupil to identify from time to time in what context they find themselves and to associate with it the rules, customs and habits of that place.
From our experience we can say that this method allows the child to feel safe and protected because they recognize an environment known to them regardless of who is leading the class. It is easier for them to recognize the limits imposed and the skills valued by that particular group.


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