1st TPM for Carbon Neutral Sports Clubs Network held on 16-17 May in Lisbon, Portugal

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Carbon Neutral Sports Clubs Network (C ZERO SPORTS CLUBS) Erasmus+ Collaborative Partnership Sports Project, co-funded by the European Union, aims to encourage small sports clubs operating in Europe to take action and develop a sustainable understanding for climate action.

The project consortium includes sports clubs as partner from Turkey, Italy, Croatia, Bulgaria, Portugal and Greece and one university from Serbia. The project was designed to create a “Carbon Neutral Sports Clubs Network” in order to have a determined a roadmap for environmentalist activities that we as sports clubs will plan in the future and apply inside of the sport clubs: Firstly, A Climate Footprint Measurement Program, will be developed regarding the specific needs and this program will be applied by the sport clubs. After the sport clubs’ implementation as pilot activity, this program will be turned a Carbon Footprint Measurement Application to be used by more sports clubs. At the same time, Carbon Neutral Sport Club Network will be established to include more sports clubs and later NGOS in this network.

On 16 and 17 May, all project partners came together in Lisbon to discuss the specific needs of the Climate Footprint Measurement Program (CFMP) by evaluating the survey report which applied to the sports clubs and by carrying out SWOT analysis workshop by questioning how to measure accurately and promptly the carbon footprint of the sports clubs. Then, the specific needs of establishing a network were discussed between the partner.

The project meeting was ended with the decisions that the exact indicators will be presented from the swot analysis reports of each partner and these indicator and situation analysis reports of the sports clubs will be shared with Educons University for the design of Climate Footprint Measurement Program (CFMP). Until the next meeting on 21-22 September in Serbia, the CFMP will be ready by the university to present the partners and to implement inside of the sports clubs.

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