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Last Saturday, December 09, 2023, marked a significant milestone for the Erasmus+ Multisport Community Experience (MCE) project as partners convened in Milan for the conclusive Transnational Project Meeting hosted by L’ORMA at Palazzo Coni.  The meeting brought together project stakeholders to discuss critical aspects of the initiative, focusing on the finalization of deliverables and ensuring the project remains on track for its completion on 31st December 2023.

The participants gathered at Palazzo Coni, marking the commencement of a collaborative and productive session. L’ORMA delivered a comprehensive overview, summarizing the Erasmus+ MCE project’s journey and progress in Work Package 1, with a particular emphasis on effective project management. The University of Thessaly led discussions on Work package 2, with the advancements in the research aimed at identifying sports practices, collecting initiatives, and identifying barriers to sports participation. At the same time, Work package 3 was discussed with the Multisport Community Index to stimulate cooperation and active participation of people in sports.

According to Work Package 4, a Web Platform and the App MCE was developed, whose specifics have been presented by EPSI. BSDA and DSA meticulously detailed the advancements in Work Package 5, focusing on “Multisport Culture for community activation,” and engaged in discussions about the development of Intellectual Output 3. BSDA presented compelling updates regarding Work Package 6, underscoring the significance of international and national training for sport operators. DSA spotlighted achievements and ongoing initiatives within Work Package 7, specifically those contributing to the project’s overarching goals. EPSI then shared strategic outcomes tied to Work Package 8, outlining their dissemination efforts aimed at reaching a broader audience.

Critical aspects of monitoring and evaluation have not been forgotten, as stipulated in the Work Package 9. NEST Berlin ensured the project’s effectiveness and conducted a comprehensive impact assessment. The meeting culminated in a thorough discussion on the final report, outlining the next steps as the project progresses toward its anticipated completion on 31st December 2023.

As the Erasmus+ MCE project approaches its conclusion, stakeholders and supporters are encouraged to stay tuned for updates on the next and final steps of the initiative.

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