The SheCOACH Project

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In an ambitious move towards bridging the gender gap in sports coaching, “The SheCOACH Project: Pioneering Gender Equality in Sports Coaching” has been officially launched on April 10th  2024, following a successful kick-off event at Nicosia, Cyprus.

This innovative initiative, funded under the ERASMUS-SPORT-2023-SCP – Cooperation partnerships and coordinated by the Cyprus Basketball Federation, aims to promote gender equality in coaching, with a specific focus on basketball in Greece, Cyprus, Italy, and Spain.

Addressing the Gender Gap in Sports Coaching

Despite the increasing participation of women in sports, the coaching domain continues to witness a significant gender disparity. The SheCOACH project arises from the critical need to address and overcome the systemic barriers that hinder women’s progress in coaching roles at all levels of sport. By fostering a more inclusive and equitable coaching environment, SheCOACH aims to inspire change and break the stereotypes that have long been associated with the profession.

A Collaborative Effort

The SheCOACH Project brings together a consortium of partners from the sports, academic, and civil society sectors across four countries. These include national basketball federations, coaches’ associations, civil society organizations, and higher education institutions. Through this multi-stakeholder approach, SheCOACH will leverage diverse perspectives and expertise to develop and implement strategies that promote gender equality in coaching.

Objectives and Impact

The project’s primary goal is to enhance the mainstreaming of gender-specific topics and issues within sports coaching curricula and education. By developing and piloting a framework for gender mainstreaming in coaching education, SheCOACH will empower education providers and coaches with the knowledge and tools necessary to foster an inclusive coaching culture. Additionally, the project aims to raise awareness among sports clubs, academies, and schools about the benefits of including women coaches and promoting women’s participation, especially in traditionally “masculine” sports.

Through its activities, SheCOACH anticipates a significant increase in the participation of women in basketball coaching education and training. This initiative not only aligns with the EU’s broader objectives of promoting gender equality in sport but also contributes to creating more inclusive sporting environments that value diversity and equity.

Looking Ahead

The SheCOACH project sets the stage for a transformative journey in the sports coaching landscape. By challenging existing norms and fostering a culture of equality and inclusion, SheCOACH aspires to inspire future generations of women coaches and athletes. The project’s outcomes and learnings will be widely disseminated, with the aim of replicating its success across different sports and countries.

About the SheCOACH Project

The SheCOACH project is an EU-funded initiative under the ERASMUS-SPORT-2023-SCP aimed at promoting gender equality in sports coaching. By developing a framework for gender mainstreaming in coaching education and fostering awareness and inclusion, SheCOACH strives to pave the way for more women to assume coaching roles across Europe.

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