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Here are the comments of those who collaborate with us

  • I have been collaborating with L'ORMA for some years now, I have contributed to their entry into the Erasmus Plus program, and I have always appreciated their entrepreneurial approach to this sector,which combine both high professionalism and dream/visionary sides. They are a reliable partner and the proper one to embrace new professional opportunities.
    Roberto Solinas
    President and European Project Director
  • During our long experience in the Erasmus Plus program we have the opportunities to join hundreds of International projects. Our collaboration with L'ORMA dates back to a few years ago and since that time we established a fruitful long-term collaboration in designing and implementing EU projects related to Sport, Education and Social Entrepreneurship. L'ORMA, according to our experience, has always turned out to be a trusted partner satisfying our needs and the ones of our partners. We are looking forward to continuing to collaborate with them in the future and to take on new professional challenges together.
    Joanna Dochevska
  • Working with L'ORMA, according to my experience, is always fruitful and rewarding. They are very professional and take care of the details in every aspect of the working process: the designing, the writing and the communication with the other organization. I appreciate working with them because I have always the feeling of establishing a win-win collaboration, which I consider essential for a sustainable growth and long-term partnership.
    Verica Mance
  • In the last 4 years Champions Factory has been partner in 6 international projects coordinated by L'Orma, through which we gave the opportunity to individuals from Bulgaria to upskill themselves in an multi-cultural environment. Our experts have been exchanging good practices and we are so inspired by the complex sports summer-camps L'Orma organises for more than 2000 youngsters from Italy. We recommend working with L'Orma, and their membership, as their team is composed with experts in the field of sport education and social entrepreneurship and they would always do their best to support you to reach beyond your goals."
    Shirin Amin
    General director and European Projects Manager 
  • I have known L'ORMA some years ago thanks to some Europen Projects we had in common. I was surprised by the structured and professional organization, with a long and proved experience in offering training experiences for Children and Young People. Since that time we established a long-term collaboration, exchanging knowledge, contents and tools to make our organizations grow in Europe.
    Ismail Sehic
    Director and Project Manager
  • Our NGO has worked on various projects with L'Orma since 2019 and we only have words of praise for their professionalism and cordiality. A highly motivated team with ideas and actions that always exceed expectations. A remarkable balance between good management and innovation. We are determined to continue working, sharing and learning together on this path in which we already have integrated them as a strategic partner.
    Andreu Raya Demidoff
    Deporte para la Educación y la Salud
  • We have been working with L'ORMAinternational in the last years in designing and implementing European Sport projects and we have always found a great support in the reaching our goals. It's a pleasure to collaborate with them, because evry time they do more than we expect, helping our organization and our projects to take a step further.
    Ersel Aydın
    President and Project Coordinator
  • I have often seen L'ORMA in action in the implementation and dissemination of international projects and I can say that they have achieved surprising results, activating territorial synergies for the continuation of the project even after the European grant.
    Igor Lisin
    Head of project department
  • I started to collaborate with L'ORMA in 2010, implementing educational activities for Youth at local level. After some years I had the possibility to found my own organization, and I decided to become a member of L'ORMAinternational. I can say L'ORMAinternational team is professional, always present, ready to support our work in every aspect. The membership is having a crucial role in our organization's development at European level.
    Luca Amadessi
  • Our organization has been working in the Erasmus Plus program for many years, and we had the opportunity to get in contact with L'ORMA in 2018. Since that moment we have delivered many international projects together and we have always appreciated their contribution, reaching our goals and objectives.
    Marcella Serra
    European Project Coordinator
  • We started to collaborate with L'ORMA in 2016, at the beginning of our internationalization process. Despite it was for us the first time we were working with other international organizations, we had the possibility to appreciate the quality and the costant presence of L'ORMAinternational Team. In fact in 2017 we decided to let them write a project proposal for our FIT FOR KIDS program and it was a success on the first try. The same story has happened 1 year later, with a bigger project. So I can definetley recommend L'ORMAinternational to all the organizations which want to enter the European Project Sector and want to feel secure and supported in the process.
    Pelle Plesner
  • We have been working with L’Orma on several Erasmus+ projects throughout last few years. They are a wonderful organization to work with. Their reliability and professionalism are admirable and are a pleasure to work with. We are very happy to collaborate with them and would highly recommend them as a partner.
    Nikša Glavočić
    Dubrovnik Sport Association
    European Project Manager
  • I have met L'ORMA some years ago and I suddenly have found some common elements between our organizations: the passion in sport, the desire to educate young people and the will to promote social entrepreneurship as a key-element to meet the needs in our present society. Working with L'ORMA is a pleasure because their contribution goes beyond that requested, as a fundamental element of our lasting collaboration.
    Lenka Curillova
    ADEL Slovakia
    President and Project Coordinator
  • We are collaborating with L'ORMA in many European Project on sport, and we have always appreciated their accuracy in managing the initiative both at international and local level. They are always ready to give their support on designing and writing new project proposals and explore new funding opportunities.
    Jurga Bagamolovienė
    Project Manager
  • Despite the great commitment at local level and the many international projects in which ORMA is involved, I have always appreciated the quality of their methods in designing, writing and implementing the various activities of the international projects organized.
    Ioanna Mirto
    Project coordinator
  • After many years working in the Erasmus Plus, I had the pleasure to meet L'ORMA. L'ORMAinternational has an agile structured, appropriate to the needs of those who want to design international projects in the field of sport and social entrepreneurship.They are always willing to share their knowledge, to learn new things and, above all, to undertake new professional challenges with its partners.
    Eduardo Maciá Agulló
    European Project Coordinator
  • I have been organizing and implementing international projects with L'ORMA for many years and I have always been very satisfied. The European Sector of the ORMA is very well organized, and their method is efficient and easy to apply.
    Renos Georgiou
    Executive director
  • The partnership and cooperation with L'Orma means for Hodina H to have stable and quality partner organisation with the same understanding, approach and values. Cooperation with L'Orma strengthen the role multisport and gaining competences through sport among the main activities of Hodina H. Such a partnership bring really inspiring and trusfull common work to bring positive change and enrich the community.
    Iva Macia
    Hodina H
    Project Manager
  • From the first day of our collaboration, L'ORMA gave us all the support needed to lead the SKISAFE project to success. Always reliable, Paolo and his team went above and beyond to solve the obstacles that came along the project realization. Their positive energy gave our project special elevation that can be justified by the great end results.
    Sebastian Brigović
    Ski Club Rijeka
    European Project Coordinator
  • After many projects together I can say that L'ORMA is a reliable partner: its participants are always well selected, prepared and very motivated to the topic of the project
    Darja Djatsenko
    President and Project Coordinator
  • In life we have the opportunity to meet people who leave traces ... deep traces in society ... radically influencing the way we think and approach things. The greatest joy is when they come together and form groups or organizations that have a hard word in society. We can say this about L'ORMA and the people who form it: professionals, open to the new, challenging in ideas and actions.
    Mihai Androhovici
    Association Sport for All
  • Since we are quite new in the world of international projects, we were lucky to get in touch with L’ORMA during a network event in 2020. With their broad experience, L’ORMA has shown us to be capable of supporting our work in several aspects such as designing proposals, sharing valuable knowledge and connecting relevant project partners. All that in a very professional way. Our collaboration with L’ORMA has given our organization a big boost when it comes to the development of our work at European level. In the coming years we will be working on the implementation of 2 beautiful projects together and we are looking forward to strengthening our collaboration with L’ORMA more in the future!
    Dick Kalkman
    Sportief Besteed Groep
    Project Manager EU projects
  • I have been working with ORMA for a few years, I met the president of L'ORMA at NAIROBIE during a closure a project of the Erasmus plus ITS programs coordinated by another faithful partner friend of the name MINE VAGANTI NGO of sport. ORMA has contributed a lot financially and materially to the activities of GNO FAR. They have supported me a lot. And I have always liked their entrepreneurial and professional approach that inspires me a lot and that we copy and follow everywhere as mentors and refer to GNO FAR. They are examples to follow. Their professionalism is very high followed by very ambitious visionary dreams. They are an achievable partner and the right one to embrace new Professional opportunities and chalenges. We met again in Dakar during a TOLERANCE project that still showed me and prove a lot of professionalism of material and financial support for GNO FAR. Together, Undertake on the future.
    Bouba Dieme Spata
    Jeunesse en action "GNO FAR"

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