2nd TPM – Carbon Neutral Sports Clubs Network

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The project consortium of Carbon Neutral Sports Clubs Network gathered on 21 and 22 September, 2023 to present the “Climate Footprint Measurement Program” developed by the Faculty of Environmental Protection at Educons University in Novi Sad, Serbia. The Carbon Neutral Sports Clubs Network (C ZERO SPORT CLUBS) is a sports project co-funded by the European Union through the Erasmus+ Collaborative Partnership. The Project aims to promote a sustainable awareness of climate action and to motivate small sports clubs operating throughout Europe to take action.

For the purpose of encouraging the sport clubs to implement the environmental friendly activities both inside and outside of their own organizations, Educons University developed the “Climate Footprint Measurement Program.” The ideals that a sports club should uphold in regards to an environmentalist approach are outlined in this program, along with suggestions for events and materials. This program serves as a test or evaluation of the sports clubs’ governance and operations. It will also serve as a program that encourages and motivates the sports clubs to engage in environmentalist activities by helping them to observe and assess themselves in light of environmentalist principles.

The program module will consist of the following main sections:

  1. Introduction (identification of sports clubs and registration information)
  2. How to develop climate footprint training sessions (for club members, athletes, and fans)?
  3. How to evaluate education?
  4. How to collect data on climate action (For all components in the club)?
  5. How to enter and evaluate the collected data into the program

At the conclusion of the project meeting, a training plan for the “Climate Footprint Measurement Program” was developed for the local sports clubs in each of the partner countries. Following that, in order to assess and reduce their carbon emissions, each sports club will begin implementing the “Climate Footprint Measurement Program” inside their respective clubs.

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