Sport Diplomacy Academy at L’Ormaday

Sport Diplomacy Academy

November 23, 2019 – Milano, Italy

On Saturday November 23, L’Orma held its annual L’Ormaday, a day of activities dedicated to teachers, children of all ages, coaches and sport leaders, and L’Orma’s staff. Held at the Lido in Milan, one of the cities sport’s centres, the day started out with various non-formal education activities, conducted by Anna and Giulia, two of L’Orma’s coaches. This was followed by a collective moment sharing moment where a general presentation of L’Orma’s national and international activities was given. Paolo Menescardi, L’Orma’s president, also took the time to tell the public present about the Erasmus Plus program, whose training and continuous learning opportunities have come to play a big role in the daily operations of the organisation.
Sara Marini, one of the participants present in Sofia last month for Sport Diplomacy Academy, one of the Erasmus Plus projects in which L’Orma is currently a partner, also used this time to present the project. She focused on the importance of lifewide learning in future sport leaders. She highlighted that the project offers a 360° educational opportunity to its 80 participants, which might not otherwise be the case in a traditional sports education.

The day continued with an informal lunch that gave everyone present the opportunity to learn about each other’s differing daily realities. After lunch, Eros D’Ambrosio, another SDA participant, shared his personal experience of the project as well. He stressed the fact that the project has given him the opportunity to get to know participants from different cultural contexts and the various ways that sports and sports education is organized abroad. He gave the public an insight into the content of the various educational sessions, stressing the value added of this didactic opportunity. Last but not least, he focused on the fact that, even though he has only attended one of the four SDA modules so far, he already felt more empowered to start up his own project in the future.

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