TITLE: Sport for Refugees
TYPE: Small-scale partnerships in youth
DATES: 01/11/22 – 01/05/2024

COORDINATOR: Sportief Besteed Groep (Netherlands)


L’Orma (Italy)
Mundus Bulgaria (Bulgaria)
Liceul Cu Program Sportiv Suceava (Romania)


This project is determined to promote and facilitate inclusion and celebrate the diversity of young adults within two specific target groups: refugees and individuals with a migrant background. Furthermore, we aim to encourage and eventually accomplish active participation within their relatively new communities, especially at the grassroots level. The project aim at connecting with and ensure the personal development of the target groups through means of sport.


  • The creation of opportunities for refugees and individuals with a migrant background
  • The development of sport as a methodological tool to connect with young people, encourage personal development and eventually empowering them to become active global citizens in their new community.
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