#BOOST testing mobility in Sarajevo

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The project “BOOST-Boosting Outstanding Omnicompetent Successful Talents” performed a testing mobility in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, from 31/08-03/09.

BOOST is a 24-month strategic partnership, co-funded by the Erasmus+ program of the European Commission, which aims to create new learning and personal development opportunities for young people in Europe by providing interactive educational formats and methods based on the development of transversal skills. Representatives from partner nations from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Italy, and Croatia were present at the meeting.

The project team and recruited youth workers visited youth organizations in Sarajevo. They focused on developing young people’s transversal skills in organizations such as NAHLA, Foundation Mozaik, and HomeWorkHub, all of which do remarkable work for the youth in their country.

Find #BOOST handbook, available in Bosnian, Bulgarian, Croatian, English and Italian for free download from https://www.boostskills.eu/boost_outputs/BOOST_Handbook

BOOST project seeks the empowerment of young people and youth workers through our practical e-learning platform – https://www.boostskills.eu/ – and through our youth workers’ handbook, which places a practical emphasis on the development of cross-disciplinary skills among young people.

The BOOST project will significantly support the growth of the youth sector and help young people develop their cross-cutting abilities in the current challenging environment through the outcomes mentioned above and activities.

We are giving tips and tricks on how to further develop their transversal skills, including critical and innovative thinking, presentation, communication, organizational skills, teamwork, self-discipline, enthusiasm, perseverance, self-motivation, tolerance, openness, respect for diversity, intercultural understanding, and media and information literacy, through the use of interactive tools.

The long-term benefits will be provided by the sustainability of the BOOST project results. For more information, you can also read the #BOOST framework meeting article.