Becoming Digitally Conscious – (BDC)

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We are happy and proud to introduce the European project Becoming Digitally Conscious
(BDC). BDC aims to promote healthy digital habits and support the prevention of excessive and
pathological internet use by young people, aged 18 to 25, in European and Balkan countries.

Recent data from the partner countries (Eurostat, 2019) suggests that youth is at risk of
suffering symptoms comparable to severe addictions, such as gambling or drug use, due to
constant exposure to technology and the ignorance of its potential long-term negative

Digital education should include ways to incorporate digital devices in a healthy way, avoiding negative influence on young people’s mental health and overall wellbeing.


For this reason, the objectives of BDC are formulated as follows:

1. To develop a program of educational activities for young people on the conscious use of
digital devices.
2. To train a cluster of youth workers who can implement these educational activities.
3. To raise awareness about the negative effects of excessive internet use around the
partner countries.

To achieve this, the consortium will develop the following deliverables:

a. An Educational program on the conscious use of digital devices
b. A “Healthy Digital Use Ambassadors Toolkit

On July 19-21, “Becoming Digitally Conscious” held its meeting of experts in Tirana, Albania. The
purpose of this mobility was to exchange experiences and knowledge of the use of digital devices
between experts. In addition, the consortium concluded on the plan that will be employed for
the dissemination of the project and the plan that will be used for the design of the educational
program in the next phase of the project.

The three-day event included a meeting with Ms. Bora Muzhaqi, Minister of State of Youth and
Children. The Minister shared the approach of the school system towards the use of digital tools in the
teaching process. Ms. Muzhaqi presented to the participants a few of the projects the Ministry has undertaken over the last year and shared some of the challenges the implementation process encountered.
The Minister also gave a very inspiring message about the power the youth holds and the need for innovation in the education system. The meeting ended with the Minister expressing her congrats on the project initiatives and she also expressed her support during the implementation phase.


What are our next steps?

The immediate upcoming step of Becoming Digitally Conscious project is the design and creation of the BDC Educational program on conscious digital use. The initial exchange of good practices that
took place in the meeting of experts set the base for the structure of the methodology of the
educational program.
Subsequently, the educational program will be used during the Training course in Podgorica,
Montenegro. The training course will prepare trainers and youth workers to deliver the
educational program in different contexts, making use of the non-formal methodology.


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