PICK4ALL: a game for social inclusion!

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On 2 February 2022, in Milan, at the high school IIS LAGRANGE,  took place the 3rd transnational project meeting of PICK4ALL.

PICK4ALL is a Small Sport Collaborative Partnership, co-funded by the Erasmus Plus Program. It started on 01/11/2020  and will last utill 30/06/2022.

Pickleball is a sport, that can be played in a small court with two paddle, a plastic ball with holes and a net. It is an inclusive sport because it’s an easy game that is appropriate for players of all ages and all skills levels.

The meeting was organized by the italian partner of the project, L’Orma, and the coordinator of the project, Asociacion Espanola de Pickleball (Spain). The bulgarian partners Racketspeed Badminton Club and Bulsport joined in the meeting.

The day was divided in two different activities: in the morning was held a lesson with the students, and in the afternoon was organized a course for teachers.

Pick4all - Pickleball 100% inclusive

The morning started with a Pickleball Lessons organized by the Spanish Pickleball federation. One class of the Sport High School partecipated in the activity with 27 students and 3 teachers. They could experience a real workout of pickleall and discover this new sport.

The afternoon was divided into two different moments. In the first part, 24 italian teachers met in the auditorium, where the Pickleball federation experts introduced the discipline and the rules. In the second part, they attended a practical lesson in the school gym, to learn how to play and how to organize picleball lessons for students.