FIT FOR KIDS: a successfull international training

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In the period 24-26 May,  L’ORMA attended an international training for FIT FOR KIDS project volunteers.

The main goal of the ”Fit for Kids Europe” project is to establish a network of EU sport associations and other related NGO’s who wish to collaborate on increasing the participation of inactive, overweight and obese children in after-school organized physical activities.

That was a great opportunity to train Team Leaders and Volunteers who will hold the program in our Country from September 2022.


The FitforKids program is a public multi-component intervention that is implemented in Denmark, Bulgaria, Italy, Portugal and Turkey and aims to improve the lifestyle and health of children and their families. The FitforKids program consists of five elements: Nutritional advice, Physical training for both children and parents, Parent Coaching, a Motivational program and Social Events. FitforKids is completely free for the families and it supported by many private and public institutions, including the Danish government.

More information about the program is available at: