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Find out how to start building an international sector within your organization

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become structured,
sustainable and international

If you have reached this point you have understood that at certain times it is necessary to rely on professional support to make your organization take a fundamental step forward.
This is the reason why We have created the ORMAinternational Network, a group of organizations that share the same values and want to grow through the creation of an International Sector within them.
If you want to take advantage of all the content, knowledge and opportunities that we have developed over the years in the European projects, you are in the right place: become an ORMAinternational member!

    1500/ yearlyDiscover all the European opportunities
    • Support in writing 6/8 projects every year [value: € 300/400 for each project]
    • 1 personal consultation with our expert [value: € 300]
    • Contents and materials on EU projects [value: € 250]
    • Costant presence and support [value: € 200/month]
    • Insertion among the partners of a project presented by the member organizations of ORMAinternational Network;
    • Exclusive invitations (networking events, conferences etc..)

The offer

Thanks to become a member of ORMAinternational Network you will be able to enter the world of EU projects in a simple and progressive way, increaseing the number and quality of your projects, generating a lot of opportunities, benefits and lasting results. All of this without wasting time, energy and resources. We strongly believe in the mutual exchange of value and we want to put ourselves at the service of the growth of all organizations that believe in our same values.

For the first 5 organizations that decide to join the membership, we dedicate the first 3 months of membership as a free offer.

Yes, you got it right: for the first 3 months from when you decide to join the membership, you can take advantage of everything we are talking about free of charge.

* After the first period it is possible to suspend your participation as a member at any time, without paying anything.

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