Where could you arrive with the right knowledge, competencies, and guidance? Many organizations do not miss any opportunity to highlight their skills, but who is there to share this know-how with you when needed

Probably no one, apart from us.

With our support, you can achieve that advancement you have always been waiting for, building, or developing your International Sector!

Dear project manager,

we know how difficult it is for you to find funds and resources

Finding ways to succeed in organizing quality activities and in writing successful projects is also quite tough.

As you know, the European Union offers many opportunities, but who is really benefiting from them to make a real impact in different communities?

According to our experience, many organizations working in this field are not well structured and lack professionalism. They do not respond to e-mails, they usually pay little attention to the selection of participants or to the creation of content, and they are not specialized in one specific topic but adhere to any type of project only to obtain grants without guaranteeing high quality or social impact.

We think differently and we act differently, as our main mission is to work with reliable partners to develop high-quality projects with a real impact on Society.

If you have the same feelings and beliefs, or if you wish to improve your organization, we can try to support each other in changing the situation and in building a great mutual partnership, as colleagues, and as friends.


“We imagine a world in which everyone can have access to training opportunities, tools, and educational resources to improve themselves every day and express their full potential to create a society characterized by mutual respect, honesty, and the personal fulfillment of each of them”.

We believe that the private social sector – the non-profit sector – can become the promoter of a real and lasting change in this direction, creating value and becoming a reference point in the personal and professional growth path of children, young people, and adults.

We promote the growth of non-profit organizations working in the fields of Education, Sports, and Social Entrepreneurship, offering supporting and consulting programmes to design, develop, and improve European projects, being active and always updated in the field of Erasmus+ Projects.

L’ORMAinternational believes


  • Work in the field of the European Projects in an organized, simple, and effective way;
  • Build a solid partnership that will allow you to start working in the field of European Projects saving time and resources due to our continuous support;
  • Create a structured, sustainable, and lasting International Sector dedicated to European Projects, that will be the engine to many opportunities for growth, expansion, and development for your organization.

That’s why we have tailored specific Development Programs for different types of Organizations. In this section, you can find the programs addressed to our “Close Organizations” and their friends. If you are here, it means that you have been chosen to have priority access to our programs which are in limited edition.

Click on the icon to learn more & choose the most suitable program for you and your Organisation!


Are you a Newcomer to the Erasmus+ Program?

This program is suitable for you, If….

  • You lead professionally a non-profit organization, but you are searching for opportunities to make it more structured and financially sustainable;
  • Your organization is recognized and present in your community, at the local level, but it doesn’t collaborate with any organization in other European Countries (not yet) ;
  • You are curious and willing to find out more about how the Erasmus Plus program works, and you want to learn how to start designing European projects in a safe and sustainable way;


Do you already have a Project idea in mind?

This program is tailor-made for you, if…

  • You are already implementing a project at a local level, and you want to develop it internationally
  • You have little experience in the designing and writing of European projects, but you are willing to improve it thanks to our support
  • You want to be supported in the research of valuable European Partner Organizations





Do you have experience with the Erasmus+ Program?

You are the perfect organization for this program, if…

  • You have experience in the Erasmus Plus Program, but you are tired of collaborating with organizations that work superficially, are not structured, don’t reply to emails, etc.
  • You are fed up with unreliable partners, or being involved in projects without any quality or real impact;
  • You are designing and writing many European Projects in the field of Education, Sport, and, Social Entrepreneurship and want to establish long-term win-win collaborations