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WHAT: Workshop for sport experts in the field of racket sports / Physical Education Teacher.

WHEN: 10 May 2022 (9 and 11 May – travel days)

WHERE: Sofia (Bulgaria)

WHO: 2 Sport instructors / Coaches / Physical education Teachers

Objective & background

The PIC4ALL project aims to demonstrate that with the appropriate means and resources pickle ball can become a mass sport throughout the European Union that can be played regularly by any group. Pickle ball is becoming a social sport phenomenon that generates a lot of demand in other countries at all levels (municipal, clubs, schools, etc). Today, about 5 million people in the world already play pickleball, mostly in countries like Canada, the United States, India, China, etc. In Europe there is not yet a large number of players, but there is a growing interest from the population in general, sport clubs, schools, etc. In Spain the pickleball has been growing for almost 10 years in various locations.

10/05/2022: Pickleball in practice

  • Morning: Partners meeting – project state of art and further development
  • Afternoon: Inclusive Pickleball sport event (kids from Sofia schools and persons with disability from the community facility in Banya, Karlovo.

Participants profile:
* Sport experts/managers/volunteers engaged in racket sports;
* Motivated to develop their competences in pickleball;
* Committed to attend for the full duration of the mobility;
* Competently able to work in English.