Which are the 5 Themes of the New Agenda for the Mediterranean?

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“Promoting credible and sustainable opportunities for youth should be at the heart of our cooperation. The Council calls for increased efforts to strengthen the participation of youth in public debates and to mainstream the youth agenda in our cooperation, reinforce our support for education and increase people to people contacts, including under Erasmus+, in a safe and protected environment. It also supports the enhanced cooperation in Research and Innovation and Culture, including through association with the Horizon Europe Programme and Creative Europe programme”

Council Conclusions, April 2021

The European Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) hosted an online kick-off meeting for ERASMUS+ Key Action 2: Capacity-Building in the Field of Youth (CBY) on April 5, 2022.

The AGENDA of the webinar for the newly selected project consisted of an initial sharing of 2021 feedback, followed by a focus on several themes, such as:

  • Policy priorities and objectives of the action
  • Grant agreement
  • Project monitoring
  • IT Reporting tool


In 2021, 45 out of 213 Capacity Building Youth submitted applications were selected.

Estonia has the highest success rate for 2021 Calls, which reached 76%. As for the number of approved projects, Italy obtained 31 approved projects compared to 124 submitted projects, followed by Bosnia and Herzegovina, with 82 submitted projects and 25 approved projects.


The webinar focused on youth in the New Mediterranean Agenda and the EU Youth Report.

The five themes identified for the “New Agenda for the Mediterranean” are the following:

  1. Human development, good governance & the rule of law
  2. Strengthen resilience, build prosperity & seize the digital transition
  3. Peace and Security
  4. Migration & mobility
  5. Green transition: climate resilience, energy, and environment

But let’s go into more detail…


The first of the five themes identified corresponds to Human Development, good governance, and the rule of law. The objectives of this first time are to reinforce the readiness and response capacities of healthcare systems, devotion to human rights, democracy, and good governance; strengthen governance systems, build trust in institutions, boost transparency and accountability; empower young people and civil society, promoting gender equality; and encouraging research, innovation, culture, and education through deeper engagement in EU initiatives.


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