Traning course “The Art of creative thinking” Sofia 14-21 Aug

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L’Orma team has participated together with the youth workers from Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cyprus, Hungary and Serbia in the Traning Course “The Art of creative thinking”, held for 1 week in Sofia. Art of creative thinking ACT is a mobility for youth workers, co-financed on the program Erasmus+ of the European Union, which works for acquiring one of the most valuable skills of the future -the creative thinking- and how it appears and develops in the young people, as it is one of the new skills, which employers search for and it is hard to acquires through the formal education system.

Therefore, creative thinking refers as well to using abilities and soft skills to come up with new solutions to problems. Creative thinking skills are techniques used to look at the issue from different and creative angles, using the right tools to assess it and develop a plan.

But, if you had only five minutes to teach someone how to be more creative, what would you teach? For youth trainers, the question translates to: What’s most likely to stick? Thus, the TC has followed the NFE approach: a combination of different creative and interactive methods: theoretical inputs, round table, Compass/Salto sessions, individual/group activities, exercises, work on examples in a small group, case studies, real attempts and using Sport as an educational tool for acquiring skills and knowledge.

As a result, the TC the participants had the opportunity to explore the topic from different points of view and as well to receive information about the creative ways of new technology usability such as virtual and augmented reality. The group has worked as well on the possibilities of accomplishment of EU youth goals through creativity and ways to reach young people and supply their personal and professional educational needs in terms of creativity development.

And last but not least we thank all the participants, and in special the ones representing L’Orma (Luca, Lorenzo, the 2 Stefano’s and David) for their involvement and commitment and we encourage them to use all the skills  improved at the traning to continue innovating in the field of sports and non-formal education and move along in their professional carreers.


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