How to write a good Erasmus Plus Project Description

How to write a good Erasmus Plus project description

Have you decided to give it a try and submit an Erasmus + project? In this case it means you have to get ready to prepare a good project description which is the basis for successful application. Project description is an overview of the project, which explains why it should be selected to be implemented, what will happen and what are the goals of the project. How to write a good Erasmus Plus project description? Here are some tips!

Before you start writing the overview, you may want to keep in mind some key aspects that will help to keep your presentation coherent, more convincing and easily understandable.

  • First, clearly introduces the topic of the project, do not assume that your topic is self explanatory, therefore avoid abbreviations or explain them. 
  • When describing your project, use keywords, write simple, to the point sentences. It is better to keep sentences short, rather than using long, vague explanations. 
  • To keep description concise, write only relevant information which is about your project only.
  • Make sure project description in a complete overview of your project and no relevant details are left out.
  • Finally, make sure your project description is credible – it includes only relevant and up to date information.

Now let’s see what information needs to be included into the project description itself. 

  1. Introduce the existing problem that needs to be attended and justify the relevance and the need of the project. 
  2. Target groups.  Clearly define the target group of your project and explain how their needs will be addressed during this project.
  3. State your objectives and priorities – it needs to be clear what the project wants to achieve. Do not forget to use SMART method to evaluate your objectives (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-bound).
  4. Demonstrate how your project will achieve goals that were not achieved by other projects – describe innovative features and how this particular project is different from other projects in the same field. 
  5. Demonstrate the necessity of international cooperation and why Erasmus+ program is the best way to achieve the goals of your project.
  6. In order to reach your project objectives, select activities that are appropriate and relevant. Also, you may try to link specific activities to goals which they help to attain. 

Another important aspect to include – is quality of partnership and cooperation. Project partners should possess competencies or skills and experience that contribute to reaching project goals, therefore you may include what kind of expertise and added value they bring to the project. Mention how did you find those partners and why did you decide to select those in particular. In addition, do not forget to include how this project helps partner organisations to reach their own goals.

We hope tips in this article helps you to get ready for the upcoming deadlines and prepare your best project description!

Last but not least, allow yourself plenty of time to finish your application. In the past, the webform has been hard to access in the days leading up to the deadlines, resulting in organizations not being able to complete their application. In the picture below, you can see the deadlines for 2020, so make sure to keep them in mind when writing. Don’t wait until the last minute to send the mandates or other documents that need to be uploaded, to make sure you can finish your application in time.

With this brief overview, we hope you feel ready to start writing! If you want any additional tips and tricks on how to write a KA105 or a project in the field of Adult Education, don’t hesitate to check out or articles on the subject here  and here.[/vc_column_text]