New Erasmus+ KA2 Partnerships for Cooperation

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After months of wait, on the 25th of March, the European Commission finally published the new Erasmus + Program Guide, which will direct the project design process until 2027. On the same day, the Italian National Youth Agency was organizing an informative meeting focused on the KA2 Partnerships for Cooperation and L’ORMAinternational participated to bring you all the details about the replacement of the projects known as Exchange of Good Practices and Innovation.

The European Commission has decided to create two different calls, Cooperation Partnerships and Small-scale Partnerships, in order to support small organizations that struggled to get projects approved with the previous format. The key difference is the budget. Applicants will have to calculate the proposal funding based on the activities and impact of the project, up to 400000 euros for Cooperation Partnerships. However, Small-scale Partnerships now have 2 single lump sum amounts: 30000 or 60000 euros. The budget requested will be justified by the list of activities; it seems like there is not a specific sum dedicated to Project Management and Implementation.

At this point, forget about Transnational Meetings and Intellectual Outputs, since those do not exist anymore. Instead, we will be talking about Project results. Yet there are many aspects that remain the same as in the old format. Multiplier Events and Learning, Teaching and Training Activities remain the same (in the Cooperation Partnerships). Each project must still address at least one horizontal priority and/or at least one sectorial priority. If you want to check new priorities in detail, you can consult the guide in the following link:

The evaluation criteria have not changed either: Relevance; Quality of the design and the implementation; Quality of the partnership and the cooperation arrangements; and Impact. Remember that you must score at least 50% in each category and 60 points in total to be considered for funding.

We also now know all the 2021 deadlines. Date to remember 20th of May. Less than 2 more months until the first KA2 projects can be sent for evaluation. But do not panic if you are a new organization! Small-scale projects will have another deadline, the 3rd of November, so you will have more time to prepare.

It is now time to start contacting potential partners and writing the proposals. The new application forms can be downloaded here:

Take into account that these are models, which means that some questions may still vary when you go complete the webform online. As for the characters, they are still a mystery; we should find out in the following weeks.

What do you think of the new Guide and the Partnerships for Cooperation? Let us know in our social media profiles, where you will also be able to find updated information about the Erasmus + Program and much more.

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