TITLE: SPORTin / SPort for social inclusion
TYPE: Small Sport Collaborative Partnership / Erasmus Plus
DATES: 01/01/2019 – 06/03/2021
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COORDINATOR: Birzai Track and Field Athletics Sport Club (Lithuania)


L’Orma (Italy)
Cebeci Secondary School (Turkey)
Association Institute of New Technologies (Poland)
Youth and Holiday Centre Vasatokka (Finland)


The overall objective of the project is to encourage social inclusion and equal opportunities in sport through the development of the international network of organization active in the field of sport and activities related to social inclusion through sports. We want to involve young people at risk into sports activities would prevent social exclusion, help them to raise self-esteem, and motivate them for personal development.


  • To develop International network of organizations active in the field of sport, resulting from the direct exchange of experience and good practise in the project and resulting in the real positive changes in the level of social inclusion through sport.
  • To develop local Interinstitutional networks of institutions operating in the sphere of social care, youth work and sport organizations to ensure successful process of social inclusion through sports and physical activity.
  • To elaborate DT for social inclusion through sport which will be freely available and adoptable by other sport organizations.
  • To improve skills of coaches, trainers and other staff of organizations active in the fields of sport, youth work and social care through the joint work on development of an innovative approach in order to use sport as a tool for social inclusion.
  • To raise the level of social inclusion through sport. Active involvement of young people at risk into sport activities would prevent social exclusion; raise self-esteem, motivation for personal development.
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