TYPE: Small Sport Collaborative Partnership / Erasmus Plus
DATES: 01/01/2020 – 30/06/2021

COORDINATOR: MA Tuhobic (Croatia)


L’Orma (Italy)
Karasu Genlick Sanat Ve Spor Kulubu Dernegi (Turkey)
NGO Sport Viv (Croatia)


This project is aimed at children, parents and educators, and it focuses on the promotion of outdoor activities in nature, as well as on building a mutual connection between children, parents, and educators. The project addresses the need of teachers and youth workers to be professionally trained in the organization and provision of outdoor activities for children in a safe environment.


  • Promote spending time in nature among children, parents and educators.
  • Provide teachers and youth workers with a manual regarding benefits of outdoor activities on health and cognitive skill development for children.
  • Educating teachers and youth workers regarding how to ensure safety for children in outdoor activities.
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