Multisport Culture for Youth Empowerment – restart!

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The  project Multisport Culture for Youth Empowerment is an Erasmus+ Sport Small collaborative partnerships the objectives of which include:

  • developing new concrete opportunities based on multisport approach for children aged between 6 and 12 years oldl
  • designing a model of multisport practices that unifies the richness of territorial sports offer and the educational concerns for balanced growth & empowerment of children based on improved soft skills;
  • enhancing the skills of the key operators through sharing experiences and good practices between partners about the specific topic;
  • spreading the culture of multisport & multidisciplinarity in sports in the local communities by increasing knowledge and awareness about the benefits of this developmental approach.

The project was officially reactivated after 6-month suspension, from November 2020 to May 2021, due to Covid-19 pandemic. On 29th of May, the representatives of the partner organizations met in La Hoya, Spain to discuss the resumption of the project. The project managers of the hosting organization – ACD La Hoya – and the members of L’Orma and Hodina H from the Czech Republic managed to meet in person, while the participants of Clubul Sportix Experienta Multisport from Romania joined online due to Covid-19 restrictions on travelling in the country.

The meeting ended with establishment of the next steps and deadlines, as listed below:

  • By Monday 7 June 2021, all partners were to revise local Multisport program design;
  • By Monday 7 June 2021, L’Orma was to prepare and share with partners “satisfaction questionnaire” for participants that will be involved in Multisport local activities;
  • Over the period June-October, all partners will implement Multisport local activities;
  • Beginning of July, CSEM will provide partners with practical information regarding the next transnational meeting.

We hope you will be looking forward to reading more news about the project in the following weeks and months!