Info Day 2021 – Erasmus Plus Sport

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On Tuesday and Wednesday mornings the Erasmus+ Sport Info Day 2021 took place online.

Thousands of representatives from different organisations (NGOs, sport clubs, educational agencies, municipalities, etc.) joined the webinar from all over the world, as this event represents not only a moment to gain information related to the new E+ Sport programme but also a great opportunity for networking and establishing fruitful and (hopefully) long-lasting partnerships.

The watchword of this Info Day is simplification as the new E+ Sport programme aims at being more accessible and inclusive, in order to reach also newcomers and small-scale organisations – which represents for EACEA one of the key priorities of the future programme. The idea is to increase the flexibility (also with respect to the funding scheme) of the programme to allow organisations with little experience and/or capacity to access it and get acquainted with E+ Sport projects through ‘Partnerships for Cooperation’. This flexibility entails the size and scope of such partnerships, as well as of the activities to be carried out, which also will be more diverse. For example, the new E+ Sport programme enables Small Scale Partnerships to have a duration of 6 months only, which represents an effort that is easier to sustain.

Other important information shared during the Info Day concerns the policy priorities of EACEA, which to a certain extent show continuity with the past ones. In this regard, a novelty for Erasmus+ Sport is the introduction of horizontal priorities that are consistent across different fields. These entail inclusion and diversity; environment and fight against climate change; digital transformation through development of digital capacities and readiness; promotion of common values, civic engagement and participation. Special emphasis was dedicated to environmental sustainability, a global priority which should also be taken into account in Sport, as for instance through climate neutrality or positivity objective for the upcoming Olympic Games. Finally, EACEA focus on digitalisation is exemplified by the introduction of a new eGrants system which represents the tool for submitting project proposals. Applicants for ‘Partnerships for Cooperation’ in the field of Sport, according to the new E+ Sport programme, will therefore need to design their projects based either on one of the previously-outlined horizontal priorities or on a sport-specific priority among the followings: encouraging participation in sport and physical activity, promotion of integrity and values in sport, promotion of education in and through sport, and lastly combating violence, racism, and any form of discrimination in sport.

So, if you are thinking about joining a E+ Sport project but feel like you are lacking the necessary competences and experience, do not worry because WE GOT YOUR BACK – join our network, let’s establish a mutual partnership: we can include you in one of the projects we are designing but we can also support you in designing your own projects.
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