European call for exchanges and mobility in SPORT

Today we want to give you some information about a call from the Erasmus + sport program. We’re talking about the call for pilot projects and preparatory activities “Exchanges and mobility in sport”. The primary objective of this type of projects is to give professionals in the world of sport the opportunity to spend a period abroad carrying out training, traineeship, or exchange of good practices within other organizations working in the sport area. The idea behind these projects is in fact to increase the skills of the staff of the sports organizations and reinforce at the same time the international cooperation in this field.

Through projects like this, the European Union supports and recognizes the benefits and importance of sport, not only for a healthy life-style, but also for its educational and social value, which for us at L’ORMA is the basis of all our activities.

This type of project is not addressed only to sport associations and federations: in fact, different types of public or private organizations can participate that have one of the following profiles:

  • Non-profit organisations (private or public);
  • Public authorities (national, regional, local);
  • International organisations;
  • Sport clubs;
  • Universities;
  • Educational institutions;

On the contrary, private individuals cannot be considered as candidates, as in most European calls.

But the real peculiarity of this call, compared to the others, is the composition of the partnership, which goes beyond the traditional European borders. In order to apply for this project, in fact, the consortium must be composed of:

– At least 3 organizations from a European Union country (including the applicant organization)

– At least one organization based in one of the following geographical areas: Western Balkans, Eastern Partnership, Latin America, Asia, Africa.

The activities carried out in this type of projects can be of different types, as long as they are based on the growth and training of those who work voluntarily or professionally in the sports field. Therefore, training mobility, internship, international events, job shadowing (a period in which one of the most participants carry out a work activity in another partner organization) are included.

All activities must be described and detailed in the project proposal, indicating managing details, methodologies and timeline. On this last point it is important to respect the deadlines set by EACEA: the activities described in the application must strictly start after January 1, 2021 and end by December 31, 2022. As regards the duration, however, it is pretty flexible, from a minimum of 6 to a maximum of 24 months.

As for the profile of the participants, it can be coaches, managers, trainers, and even volunteers from the sports world, both grassroot and professional sport. Note, however, that this is not a type of mobility aimed at athletes.

But let’s move on to the budget: EACEA has decided to make available for this action a total budget of 1,400,000 euros, which will be distributed by allocating a maximum of 200,000 for each approved project (of which, unlike other European calls, the EU will contribute by covering 80% of eligible costs).

Those who intend to apply for this type of project for the next deadline must hurry: the proposals must be submitted strictly through the EACEA portal by 11th June.

All official information and application procedures are available on the EACEA website.

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