EUrienteering- Kick off meeting

This week, L’Orma had the possibility to attend the first transnational meeting of ‘ EUrienteering ‘, an Erasmus + project connecting 4 partner countries: Italy, Bulgaria, Cyprus and Hungary.


For this adventure we have the honor to collaborate with 4 other organizations:

  •     FISO LOMBARDIA – Italy
  •     CHAMPIONS FACTORY – Bulgaria

In Italy and especially in the whole of Europe, the lack of doing exercise – especially in a natural environment – has resulted in the increase of obesity in children and youth (major health problem in developed countries) and in the increased level of inactivity and the incorrect use of old and new technology. But the sport itself is not enough.

According to researcher Richard Louv the progressive detachment from nature experienced by children growing up in cities can cause nature deficiency disorder. In his book called the “Last Child in the Wood” the author finds that children prefer watching TV rather than parks and outdoor games. They are even afraid of playing outdoors, so they get sick of various diseases, including allergies, obesity, behavioral disorders, attention deficit, hyperactivity, depression and some manifestations of autism.

The overall objective of the project is to promote a orienteering sport discipline  to combat the nature -deficit- disorder through a project of networking the technical and managerial skills of the various realities.


In this way it will be possible to realize the general aims of the project:

 Strengthened cooperation between institutions and organisations active in the field of sport and physical activity;

Better participation of sport organisations and other relevant organisations from various Programme Countries in enhanced networks;

  Improve sharing of good practices, and key staff competences;

  Promote the orienteering discipline, sport for all;

  Tackle Nature deficit disorder.


The meeting was hosted by FISO LOMBARDIA in Milan.

Every organization introduced itself and its area of expertise; then, after a discussion about  objectives and concrete actions of the project, we also set up the division of responsibilities and planned dates of next meetings.

Overall, these two days allowed us to discuss the course of the project and to get to know each other better, especially during lunch where participants could enjoy typical Italian food.

We’re ready to start this adventure together!