Crossover LTTA in Milan 6-8 February, 2020

On 6-8 of February 2020,  L‘Orma  has hosted a C1 short term joint staff training in Milan for Crossover project. This training was an essential moment for sharing knowledge, experiences, best practices and methods between experts from each partner organization involved in the Crossover project. Other participants of the project are the following organizations:  Associacao Animam  Viventem ;  

Scoala Gimnaziala  Nr. 11 ; 


and  Etimesgut Sehit  Halil Hamuryen Ortaokulu  

Crossover project itself intends to develop an innovative empowerment program for students, using Sport and Physical Activity as a tool to develop skills and key competences with a strong focus on personal, social and learning to learn competence, promoting school success and social inclusion.  

Accordingly, mentioned short term staff training addressed to the and topics of sport management, sport psychology, self determination, non formal education, coaching principles and similar. Staff training consisted of three days of activities, and involved two participants from each partner country as well as coordinating person. During the training, participants had a chance to present results of their conducted research about early school leaving and sport at a national and  European level.

After that, according to results, participants have identified three key competences that were set to be fundamental to the project, them being  self-esteemschool engagement  and  self-regulation . Self-esteem in this context relates strongly to self-efficiency and feeling of having control over certain things which contributes a lot to being successful at school. Self-regulation corresponds to the ability to regulate one’s emotions, cognition and  behavior  in general, which is fundamental for being adaptable. Finally, school engagement also directly relates to achieving certain results there.  

Consequently, within a meeting partners decided to have three different focuses in the project which help to achieve project aims. Firstly, focus on creating a safe learning environment, secondly, empowering the three key competences mentioned above and finally, focus on self evaluation  (as an essential part of any learning process)  and dissemination  (in order to share projects’ results to a wider public) . In the training program it was also discussed how to combine this program with the school program of physical activity, as well as how to find possible stakeholders in order to make the project sustainable. 

Thus, meeting ensured best ways for further development and design of the Crossover project. It involved organizations from different fields and also different backgrounds which resulted in having enriching experience for the development of further phases of the project. Besides that, training program also highly contributed to strengthening the relations and cooperation between partners. 

The team will meet again on the next Transnational Project Meeting that will take place in Oradea (Romania) when they will put the base for the next short-term joint staff training, that will happen in Cyprus and will allowed to test the program.  

In the  meanwhile  all partners will be involved in the design the program with the coordination of Animam Viventem.  

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