The End of #ExSportUs

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The End of #ExSportUs

The ExSport Us Erasmus+ project addressed the phenomenon of bullying among young people. The project focused on using non-formal education and sport as tools of inclusive education in order to promote social inclusion.

The objectives were:


We believed that using non-formal learning methods and sport as tools can contribute to prevent social exclusion, as well as have the power to diminish social barriers. Sustainable bullying prevention is  connected to and predicated upon the promotion of equity and inclusion.


By developing learning formats targeted at youth operators enabling the achievement of knowledge, skills, and competences through an integrated approach of non-formal education and sport.

The last Transnational Project Meeting of this KA2 project has been carried out in our headquarters and it served different purposes:
  • Reviewing all the outputs that you will soon find available in the website.
  • Assessing the results achieved through the local activities in each partner country.
  • Revising the actions carried out for dissemination.
  • Laying out the basis of the Final Report.
  • Evaluating the overall quality of the project implementation.
  • Agreeing on sustainability actions.
Further promotional actions will be carried out in the upcoming month to reach the highest visibility possible now that the outputs can been revealed to the public. These materials will also be shared among the networks of the Consortium and in different online platforms (Erasmus+ Project Results Platform; SALTO Youth; EPALE).
It is clear to the partners that the project had a significant positive impact on their communities, hence why they have already incorporated the most successful games to their regular activities with local youth. At the same time, they are planning on applying another project on the same topic for the future Erasmus+ deadline but with a different target, this time children and PE teachers.
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