The 2021 Crossover Experience in Cyprus

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The 2021 Crossover Experience in Cyprus

From the 3rd to the 5th of October, in the fantastic venue of Pafos (Cyprus), a Erasmus+ meeting of PE teachers and not-formal education facilitators from different countries in Europe has been held. This reunion offered them the possibility of taking active part in the Crossover project. Delegations from Romania, Italy, Portugal and Cyprus have been working together for 3 days exchanging ideas, experiences and knowledge with the local support of Neapolis University.

The Italian delegation was composed by Carla Macanás, Sara Marini, Eros D’ambrosio and Davide malfa and they all agreed that the trip was a fantastic formative experience that will be hard to forget. After carrying out both theoretical and practice activities, they are ready to take on the challenge of the local implementation.



Its mission is to develop an innovative empowerment program for students using Sport and Physical Activity as a tool to develop skills and key competences with a strong focus on personal, social and learning to learn competence, promoting school success, promoting social inclusion and preventing ESL.

Based on preliminary research, the CROSSOVER program has been created and will be now tested. By conducting a correlational study and case study, we will implement all the necessary procedures to validate CROSSOVER program at transnational level, facilitating the measurement of the impact and supporting its transferability.
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