Training course: Storify Yourself! at Dobrinishte (BG)

September 4-September 12, 2019

The storyteller – from improvisation to an inspirational personal story

Only 2 days remain until the beginning of the “Storify Yourself! Youth Worker as a Brand!” training, financed by Erasmus +, KD1: Learning Mobility for Individuals/Youth mobility 2014-2020 which will be held from September 4th to September 12th in the picturesque town of Dobrinishte. The coordinator VIA CIVIC Association – Bulgaria , with the cooperation of international partner organizations, carefully selected 27 participants from 9 European countries – Bulgaria, Belgium, Cyprus, Italy, Croatia, North Macedonia, Georgia, Portugal and Hungary.

“Storify Yourself!” brings together youth workers, mentors, coaches, mediators and volunteers for an unforgettable mountain adventure. So they can learn and better themselves together. The participant’s interests, professional experience and skills are a varied palette, that will make the training even more enriching and multidimensional. In it there are engineers, actors, entrepreneurs, medical professionals, psychologists, radio hosts – some still students, others – young professionals. Their meeting point – which they have accepted as their cause – working with youths, some of whom disadvantaged. But most important is the participant’s motivation to analyze, develop and change themselves, until they find the answers to their own questions.

The training is proposed and developed by VIA CIVIC Association – an organization, experienced in providing educational and consulting services – as a part of its mission to increase the organizational capacity in youth work. The training course is innovative and brave. The program’s design is based on non formal methods, a multitude of game elements, experiential modules in the mountain, combined with coaching practice, storytelling and improvisational theatre techniques. The training team is international and includes inspiring professionals with experience in their field.

The participants will create new stories, connecting seemingly incompatible characters and worlds, provoking and freeing their imagination. They will go down the stream of the “River of life”, finding the excitement of different emotions and changing their perspective to moments of their own experiences. They will throw away the masks and set out on the way to a more motivated and positive professional and personal Self, ready to face all challenges. Thereby building their own personal brand, marked with authenticity and spontaneity, providing a push toward success. The story – with its power to change, inspire and unite people – in its core…

The training includes an experiential hike along the mountain paths, where the participants will be searching for themselves. And their stories. A new focus outside the routine, earning time for ourselves and for the desires, people often silence, neglect and forget, swept away by everyday life. In the mountain the participants will find their restrictive limits and try to rid themselves of that detrimental self-critic, stopping them from moving forward. The training will provoke the emergence of a new type of relationship with the world, other people and ourselves.

The world is big and stories lurk around each corner. “Storify Yourself!” – capture the story and make it compelling.

August 30 2019
Plamena Petrova

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