SPORTin kick–off meeting

SPORTin – Sport for social inclusion

Erasmus+ Sport – Small Collaborative Partnership

Host organization: Birzai track and field athletics sport club

The first meeting of our new project SPORTin – Sport for social inclusion within the framework of Erasmus+ Sport – Small Collaborative Partnership took place between 18-19 February, 2019 in Biržai in Lithuania. Our partners are Birzai Track and Field Athletics Sport Club (Lithuania), Cebeci Secondary School (Turkey), Association Institute of New Technologies (Poland) and Youth and Holiday Centre Vasatokka (Finland).
The overall objective of the project is to encourage social inclusion and equal opportunities in sport through the development of an international network of organizations active in the field of sport, and activities related to the social inclusion through sports.

We had the opportunity to meet with Mayor Valdemaru Valkiūnas and discover the historical and culinary heritage of the Biržai region after discussing the planned activities with our partners, agreeing on the responsibilities and project plan.

We are excited to host the next meeting in Milan at the beginning of April.

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