Skills of a modern teacher – OUR TIPS & tricks

Skills of a modern teacher

L’Orma’s Tips On How To Excel In Being a Teacher

We hear, read, talk a lot about the new skills that are needed for effective teaching, it has been discussed thoroughly in seminars, books articles. So many tips, advice, guidelines are given at national and European level as well. But what are these competences? Why do we talk about them so much?

The aim of this article is to help understand and make the abstract concept into something easily understandable: teachers have to know how to handle a class, have an excellent knowledge on the subject matter, be able to make an individual assessment and be able to work in a team.
Even though we can agree on how things should be done but in reality, the realization, the practice can be quite different.

The more experience you have, the easier it is to handle a tricky situation and to find the best possible solution. That’s why we at L’Orma would like to make available and share our experience and best practices with you.
A „modern” teacher must pay attention to what happens in the classroom – also in connection with other colleagues –to the parents they meet, to the guidelines and rules set by the Italian Ministry and by the European Union. Teachers also have to constantly monitor the feedback from the job market where one day students must fit in and follow the social and cultural changes.

Teachers have to know about teaching methods, pedagogy, to be able to work independently, to create projects together with their colleagues and share the responsibilities, to teach about citizenship and to encourage problem-solving. How many things do teachers have to do and how many situations do they have to handle?

Needless to say being a teacher has never been an easy job, but nowadays we have to be aware that teaching is a subject to constant changes and we cannot excel in our profession if we do not accept that.

There are so many different skills that a modern teacher must have and training is essential. That is why it is very important to know that which skills can be used in a classroom, which of them work in practice and if they do work, how to further develop them. While teaching, you will have many ideas and activities you can carry out with your class and they help you enjoy being a teacher.

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