TYPE: Youth – KA2 Exchange of Good practice–Strategic Partnership
DATES: 31/05/2019–30/05/2021
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ChampionsFactory (Bulgaria)

Animam Viventem (Portugal)


The ExSportUs Erasmus+ project addresses the phenomenon of bullying among young people. The project focuses on using non-formal education and sport as tools of inclusive education in order to promote social inclusion.


  • PROMOTING SOCIAL INCLUSION – We believe that using non-formal learning methods and sport as tools can contribute preventing social exclusion, as well as have the power to diminish social barriers. Sustainable bullying prevention is connected to and predicated upon the promotion of equity and inclusion.
  • PROMOTE QUALITY YOUTH WORK – We are promoting quality youth work by developing learning formats targeted at youth operators plus enabling the achievement of knowledge, skills, and competences through an integrated approach of non-formal education and sport.
  • IMPACT ON THE PARTICIPANTSAND THE COMMUNITY – Acquisition of new knowledge and skills, allowing them to provide a targeted offer for contrasting bullying through non-formal education methods and sport. Increased role in contrasting the phenomenon, empowering their organizations.
  • ON THE LOCAL PARTICIPANTS (YOUNGSTERS) – Increased awareness on bullying and its psychological effects.
  • Positive impact on the areas of partner’s work + those directly reached by the organizations and operators following the project methodologies across Europe
  • Enhanced awareness of local communities on the topic, diffusion of a greater activism in contrasting it among educational institutions and locally established civil society actors.
  • The awareness and educational impact achieved on the youth will determine the diffusion of increasingly inclusive behaviors and engagement of young people on the topic.
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