Stimulating the Desire for Knowledge and Learning

How to Stimulate the Desire for Knowledge and the Decision to Learn Among Students

Practicing English Game – Taboo

For this activity an age reference and a specific game are indicated. This is only an example and you need to adapt it to the group you work with and tailor it to the subject you teach.

This activity described below is intended for middle and high school students to encourage them to actively participate. This game is designed to help students learn vocabulary in a foreign language (for example in English). This exercise can also be used to extend the vocabulary of the mother tongue in elementary schools.


Each student will have to choose, from a given list, three words. Then they have to translate these words to English, write them down on separate cards and pick five other words that are logically linked to the translated words (the so-called taboos).

The next day the student gives these cards to the teacher and the other pupils have to guess the taboo words on the cards without using the words or five additional words listed on the card.

To memorize the new words, the class can later be divided into groups and can challenge each other using the prepared cards, following the rules of the game ‘’

Taboo (Hasbro).

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