Dear Project Manager,

We know how difficult it is for you to find funds and resources for your organization, and ways to succeed in organizing quality activities and successful European Projects.

This is the reason why we want to tell you our story…

It was back in 2000 when we started our business, and we remember perfectly the efforts made to look for opportunities for growth. From events to training courses to improve our skills, we were always looking for fundraising opportunities, and thinking of new initiatives, with the goal to grow our organization by combining passion and professionalism.

For 15 years, we have been working locally, in our community, and implementing educational projects and activities for children and their families.

But in 2014 something changed…

When we discovered the Erasmus Plus Program, we understood we were ready to bring about change not only locally, but also internationally.

But why should the Erasmus Plus Program be a good investment?

For first-time visitors to this world, it’s understandable that there are doubts about whether it’s worth committing to something so competitive.

Similarly, for those who have already had the opportunity to work in this field, it is understandable that doubts may arise in case of negative experiences.

You may be afraid that, despite investing a lot of time in understanding and approaching the European projects, you won’t be able to make them economically sustainable.

You may be afraid that, once a project is approved, you won’t manage to coordinate and implement it by yourself. You may not have enough time to stay updated on all funding opportunities, and, if you have already participated in the implementation of a European Project in the past, you may be afraid to work together, once again, with unreliable partners, losing you time and energies, and wasting the opportunity to work on potentially high-quality projects.

In all these cases, the key is to start with an advantage alongside an expert organization, with which to grow together, share difficulties and successes, and benefit from a program that aims to create partnerships that bring positive change in Europe and beyond.

We are also aware that designing European projects is not easy.

It takes time, dedication, and brilliant ideas are fundamental, but above all, the strength stands in the motivation of the team, and in the belief in the potential of the projects designed.

“Success comes when talent meets opportunity”

Today is a day of opportunities, because if you have come this far, it means that you are probably ready to jump-in.

WE ARE people who have gone through all the fears and difficulties described above, and we are also the same people who have succeeded and overcome these difficulties, becoming experts in such a hard but inspiring and amazing field, which offers several opportunities that are always growing, and where you can only improve.

Today, we are ready to take a further step in our journey, and we hope you want to follow us.

We are ready to share all our knowledge, experience, and know-how, with organizations and people ready to work together to “enrich lives, open minds“, quoting the motto of the European Commission.

Another story…  WHAT WE HAVE DONE

L’ORMAinternational is the international Sector of L’ORMA, a professional educational agency working in the field of Sport, Education, and Social Entrepreneurship since 2000.

We are an established non-profit organization present nationwide for 18 years. Every year, we provide hundreds of educational activities, involving 400 teachers, 60 schools, and almost 6,000 children and families.

Although we operate mainly in the nonprofit world, this is our job. We also work with dozens of institutions, schools, and private companies providing them with educational services.

Over the last 8 years, we have specialized in the designing, writing, and implementation of European projects, always focusing on “our” topics, such as Sport, Education, and Social Entrepreneurship, and we have developed and structured a system to do our work properly and effectively.


  • Every year, we coordinate directly between 8 and 10 new Erasmus Plus projects in the fields of Youth, Adult Education, and Sport, and these numbers are steadily growing
  • We offer more than 60 international training opportunities per year to our educational staff
  • We help and support our member organizations to submit projects in every call of the Erasmus Plus Program, and the success rate of the EU projects of our partner organizations increases by 15% every year.


Now stop for a moment and answer to these questions…

  • Who can you count on when you have to make decisions related to the development of your organization?
  • Who helps you taking the right decisions based on a wide experience in this field?
  • How many international opportunities could help your organization to become more sustainable and better structured?

Our offer comes from decades of entrepreneurial and designing experience in the world of non-profit, and it is aimed at organizations and institutions interested in building an International Sector with the goal to work together on the designing and promotion of high quality and impactful European Projects.

Unlike many others, we have developed a professional program that can give life to a solid and profitable partnership, aimed at bringing concrete benefits to your organization, increasing the quality and quantity of projects, and optimizing invested resources.


Your guide for a safe trip to discover European opportunities

in Sport, Education and Social Entrepreneurship

and create a structured, sustainable and lasting International Sector

  • Are you interested in European project opportunities, but you don’t know where to begin?
  • Do you want to optimize time, resources, and energies in applying for European projects?
  • Do you work in a non-profit organization, and you want to make it grow more and more?
  • Do you believe in the idea of sharing resources, knowledge, and opportunities?
  • Do you want to be guided by a professional organization that has already done all the necessary steps to create an International Sector in an NGO or Association?



Erasmus+ is a wide programme, which started over 30 years ago with intra-European projects to boost internationalization across Europe’s borders. The majority of funding is therefore for European projects or exchanges.

Since 2014, Erasmus+ has expanded the internalization process worldwide. So, the current program is characterized by a strong transnational dimension, supporting projects for cooperation or exchange between Europe and the rest of the world.

We approached the Erasmus Plus Program in 2014, and since then, it has been an exciting and stimulating journey.

We have been able to participate in many youth exchanges, training courses, international mobilities, and long-term projects… and every day we have the opportunity to be engaged in training experiences related to Education, Sport and Social Entrepreneurship in European projects that are guaranteeing us financial sustainability.

Our first project was approved in 2015, and today we are involved in more than 40 projects due to a gradual and organic increase and growth.

Now we are ready to share our experience and to build our Network, selecting the proper organizations to work with.


The next deadlines for the Erasmus Plus programme are behind the corner. The European Union has recently increased the budget to be disbursed to the Erasmus Plus program, given its strong impact on the European Community, and it is a crucial moment for us as we are finalizing the planning of the projects to apply for.

The GROWTH ACCELERATOR PROGRAMME is the tool to start cooperating with us, as a first step to build virtuous and professional collaborations.



  • 3 – year support program;
  • Exclusive invitations to networking events and international conferences
  • Welcome kit;
  • Free e-book on designing and writing of international projects;
  • Periodic updates on the Erasmus Plus World and opportunities; 
  • 1 personal consultation with our experts;
  • Preview reports on future European calls and valuable opportunities of growth;
  • Constant support in the designing and writing process of new project proposals for your organization.
  • Constant support in the implementation of projects, once approved.


  • Enduring support and presence of experts in the field of European Projects
  • Win-win collaboration
  • Absence of dispersion having detected our specific topics: sport, education, and social entrepreneurship
  • Limited number of organizations selected & involved: high-level partners
  • High-quality EU projects
  • Sustainable, structured, and continuous growth
  • Shared and reachable goals!


The world of European projects, if approached correctly, can be an excellent investment for you and your organization, especially if you have the desire and ambition to make it grow continuously.

In fact, European projects:

  • Benefit from European funds, which are progressively increasing;
  • Represent a way to improve your skills and enhance those you already have;
  • Offer a chance to participate in funded training activities, which would normally cost a lot of money;
  • Allow you to build a virtuous system to get to know new organizations with whom you can undertake more and more projects;
  • Are based on recurring calls – at least once a year – ;
  • If a project is not approved, it can always be improved for the following deadlines.

We started from “zero” gaining a lot of knowledge, and we are now ready to share it with all the organizations that want to redo our path.

Let’s have a smart call! What about spending 30 minutes to start building our relation? We would love to get to know you better, and we believe the best way is to have a “smart” conversation. We can’t wait to meet you soon! Fill out the form to book an appointment.

l’orma, try to imagine