Dear project manager,

we know how difficult it is for you to find funds and resources for your organization and ways to succeed in organizing quality activities and projects.

We remember very well how in 2000 (when we started our activity) we were searching for any kind of opportunities for our organization: events, initiatives, training course, course on fundraising / management, etc… We have spent almost 15 years working at local level, in our communities, implementing educational projects and activities for children and their families.

At a certain point, in 2014, we were lucky enough to know the Erasmus Plus Program and everything has changed. In fact, we discovered that the European Union offers opportunities in many fields and some are very interesting, but it’s not always easy to find and access them.

We can imagine that, if you are not familiar with the Erasmus Plus program, you are asking yourself if it’s worth working in it; if you will be able to understand how to proceed with all the administrative stuff or if you will have the ability and time to design and write properly a project proposal.

Maybe your English level is not the best one (yet) and you feel that you won’t count on other support/help, as you are one of the few (or in some cases the only one) who work for the organization.

You may be are afraid that, despite all the time you could invest in understanding and approaching the European projects, you won’t be able to make them economically sustainable; you are afraid that if one of your projects is approved, you won’t be able to coordinate and implement it by yourself; you don’t know where to look (or you do not have time) to stay updated on all funding opportunities; and if you have already attended a EU project in the past, you could have found unreliable partners, losing a lot of time , or you could have taken part in low quality projects without any real impact.

All these fears are reasonable, especially if you care about your organization and you want to do things well… it’s normal, also for us it was like this and sometimes it still is.

But you are lucky: you have the opportunity to meet people who have already overcome all these fears, people who have already find solutions to many problems and difficulties in this field and are finally ready to share all their knowledge, experience and know-how!

And.. WE ARE these people: L’ORMAinternational.


L’ORMAinternational is the international Sector of L’ORMA, a professional educational agency working in the field of Sport, Education and Social Entrepreneurship since 2000.

We are an established non-profit organisation present nationwide for 18 years: every year we provide hundreds of educational activities, involving 400 teachers, 60 schools and circa 6,000 children and families.

Although operating mainly in the world of non-profit, this is our job: we work with dozens of institutions, schools and private companies providing them educational services.

In the last 6 years we have specialized in designing, writing and implementing European projects on “our” topics, developing and structuring a system to do it properly and effectively: now we are ready to share it with other organizations.


  • We coordinate directly between 8 and 10 new Erasmus Plus projects in the field of Youth / Adult Education / Sport and these numbers are exponentially increasing every year;
  • We offer more than 60 international training opportunities to our educational staff;
  • We help and support our member organizations to submit projects in every call of the Erasmus Plus Program;
  • The successful rate of the EU projects of our partners organizations’ projects increases 10/15% every year.


Now stop for a moment and answer these questions:

  • Who can you count on when you have to make decisions related to the development of your organization?
  • Who helps you to take the right decisions, based on a proven experience in the sector?
  • How many international possibilities are there that can help your organization to become more sustainable and structured?

Our offer comes from decades of entrepreneurial and design experience in the world of non-profit and it is aimed at organizations and institutions interested in activating an International Sector dedicated to the European projects and promoting international quality, effective projects that have an impact on the society.

Unlike many others, we have developed a professional program that can give life to a solid and profitable partnership, aimed at bringing concrete benefits to your organization, increasing the quality and quantity of projects, and optimizing invested resources.


Your guide for a safe trip to discover European opportunities

in Sport, Education and Social Entrepreneurship

and create a structured, sustainable and lasting International Sector

  • Have you heard of European project opportunities but you don’t know where to start?
  • Do you want to optimize time, resources and energy in applying for European projects?
  • Do you work in a non-profit organization and you want to make it grow more and more?
  • Do you believe in the idea of sharing resources, knowledge and opportunities?
  • Do you want to be guided by a professional organization that has already done all the necessary steps to create an International Sector in your NGO or Association?



Erasmus+ is a wide programme, which started over 30 years ago with intra-European projects to boost internationalization across Europe’s borders. The majority of funding is therefore for European projects or exchange.

But since 2014, Erasmus+ has acknowledged the need to boost internationalization at world level. So the current programme has a strong transnational dimension, supporting projects for cooperation or exchange between Europe and the rest of the world.

We approached the Erasmus Plus Program in 2014 and since then it has been an exciting and stimulating journey. We have been able to participate in many youth exchanges, training courses, international mobilities and long-term projects … and every day we have the opportunity to be engaged in training experiences related to Education, Sport and Social Entrepreneurship in European projects that are guaranteeing us a stability and an economic sustainability.

While in 2015 our first project was approved, today we are involved in more than 40 projects, showing a gradual and organic increase and growth.

Now we are ready to share our experience to other organizations interested in growing with us.


As you probably know, we are getting close to the next deadlines for the Erasmus Plus program, which has recently increased its budget, and we are finalizing the planning of the projects to be presented.

Like in recent years, following our believes and values, we want to help newcomer organizations giving the priority of collaboration to the member of our Growth Accelerator Program.

In fact the GROWTH ACCELERATOR PROGRAM is the tool we have created to undertake virtuous collaborations with other European organizations.

In this way we will be able to give you our best contribution by offering a concrete and a real support to all the organizations that intend to enter the world of the European project in a professional way.



  • 3 – year support program;
  • A welcome kit;
  • A free e-book on designing and writing international projects;
  • A periodic reception of news and insights on the Erasmus Plus word;
  • 1 personal consultation with our experts;
  • Preview reports on future EU calls and interesting opportunities;
  • Constant support in the designing and writing process of new project proposals for your organization.
  • Constant presence in the organization and management of projects, when they are approved.
  • Exclusive invitations (networking events, conferences etc..)


  • Constant support and presence
  • Win-win collaboration
  • Specific topics: sport, education and social entrepreneurship
  • Limited number of organizations involved
  • High-quality EU projects
  • Slow, structured and sustainable growth


The world of European projects, if approached correctly, can be an excellent investment for you and your organization, especially if you have the desire and ambition to make it grow continuously.

In fact, European projects:

  • Benefit from European funds which are increasing;
  • Represent a way to improve your skills and enhance those you already have;
  • Offer an opportunity to participate in funded training activities, which would normally cost a lot of money;
  • Allow you to build a virtuous system to get to know new organizations with whom you can undertake more and more projects;
  • Are based on recurring calls, which come out every year;
  • If they are not approved, they can always be improved for the next deadlines.

We started from “zero” gaining a lot of knowledge and we are ready to share it with all the organizations that want to redo our path.